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    Display Shapes
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    You can add shapes on the map using zipped KML files (KMZ). The following code uses a KMZ file to add shapes on the map:

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    var vl = MapReader.LoadKmlFile("WorldMap.kmz", (vector, data) =>
        var name = data["name"] as string;
        vector.Tag = name;
        //  customizing the vector data
        var fillColor = data[KmlReader.StyleFillColor] as string;
        if (fillColor != null)
            vector.Style.BackColor = MapReader.GetKmlStyleColor(fillColor);
        var placemark = vector as C1.Win.Map.VectorPlacemark;
        if (placemark != null)
            placemark.Marker.Caption = name;
            placemark.Lod = new LOD(0, 0, 2, 20);
    vl.LabelVisibility = LabelVisibility.AutoHide;
    // can set default style for vectors and labels, instead of set the style through each vector
    vl.Style.Stroke.Color = Color.Blue;
    vl.Style.Stroke.Width = 1;
    vl.LabelStyle.ForeColor = Color.Green;

    In the above code, we have referred a class named MapReader that we have created. This class reads the vector data from the KMZ file.

    On adding shapes from a KMZ file, the map will look similar to the image given below:

    Colorful map with kml shapes