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    Enabling DockingTab Docking and Floating
    In This Topic

    To add a C1DockingTab to your form, complete the following basic operations:

    1. Place the C1CommandDock control onto your form using a drag-and-drop operation.
    2. The C1CommandDock will dock to the left side of the form. Select the drop-down arrow in the C1CommandDock.Dock property and click the top rectangle. This will dock the C1CommandDock control to the top of the form.
    3. Place the C1DockingTab control inside the C1CommandDock control using a drag-and-drop operation. It will appear like this on your form:
    4. Build and run the application. Select Page1 with your mouse and drag it downward. Your docking tab at run time should look like the following docking tab:
    Note: You can use the C1CommandDock property FloatHide to control how the C1DockingTabPage behaves at run-time. This property allows you to choose to keep focus on the tab pages when the application loses focus. There are three possible settings for C1CommandDock.FloatHide: Default, Never, or FocusLost.
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