ComponentOne Menus and Toolbars for WinForms
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    Menus and Toolbars Overview
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    The C1Command suite integrates menus and toolbars into a single system, allowing you to reuse the same objects and code for menu items and toolbar buttons.

    The five main types of objects for building menu systems with C1Command are C1MainMenu, C1CommandMenu, C1CommandControl, C1CommandMdiList, and C1ContextMenu. Whereas, the main types of objects for building toolbar systems are C1ToolBar, C1CommandMenu, C1CommandControl, C1CommandMdiList, and C1ContextMenu. The only difference between the two is the two primary controls: C1MainMenu and C1ToolBar.


    C1MainMenu is a control that displays the main menu in a Windows forms. When you place this object on your form, it will show across the whole form at the top, as regular Windows main menus do. In addition to the main menu at the top of the form, a C1CommandHolder will automatically appear in the component tray. The C1CommandHolder stores all of the menu's commands as a single collection. For more information on how to use the C1CommandHolder, please see C1CommandHolder Component.

    Command links of type C1CommandLink are used to represent the commands in menus.


    C1RadialMenu is a component that represents a circular context menu made up of pie slices where the hole is drawn in the center. Radial menus are common in touch screen devices so you can simply tap any of the icons that appear on the radial menu. The icon represents a command button. You can also tap an arrow to see more related options.
    The arrows around the outer edge of a radial menu indicates that you have more commands available.


    C1ToolBar is a control which represents a toolbar. Like the C1MainMenu it contains a collection of command links stored in the C1CommandHolder component. The command links represent menu items on the main menu bar whereas the command links for C1ToolBar represent buttons on the toolbar.

    The following topics provide further detail about the functionality of menus and toolbars and the common and unique objects used to create the menus and toolbar systems.

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