ComponentOne MultiSelect for WinForms
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    Data Binding
    In This Topic

    MultiSelect provides data binding support that lets you populate data in the control. It allows you to bind the control to complex objects and data sources. To bind MultiSelect to a data source, you need to access the BindingInfo property of the control. This property contains information about data source and other data binding options. The BindingInfo property contains all the important attributes for binding which are DataMember, DataSource, CheckedMemberPath, DisabledMemberPath, DisplayMemberPath, TagsDataSource, and TagsMemberPath. To bind the MultiSelect control, you need to assign the DisplayMemberPath property of object or data source.

    You can bind MultiSelect using any of the following ways:

    Bind MultiSelect to a data source
    Learn how to bind MultiSelect to a data source in code.
    Bind MultiSelect to object collection
    Learn how to bind MultiSelect to object collection in code.
    MultiSelect in unbound mode
    Learn how to implement MultiSelect in unbound mode through code.