ComponentOne Olap for WinForms
C1.Win.Olap.4 Assembly / C1.Win.Olap Namespace / C1OlapPanel Class

In This Topic
    C1OlapPanel Class
    In This Topic
    Provides a user interface for interactively transforming regular data tables into Olap pivot tables.
    Object Model
    C1OlapPanel Class
    Public Class C1OlapPanel 
       Inherits C1BasePanel
    public class C1OlapPanel : C1BasePanel 

    Olap pivot tables group data into one or more dimensions. The dimensions are represented by rows and columns on a grid, and the data is stored in the grid cells.

    Use the DataSource property to set the source table, then use the OlapTable property to get the output table.

    If you use a C1OlapGrid to show the output data, then set the grid's DataSource property to the appropriate C1OlapPanel.

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