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C1.PrintDocument.4.5.2 Assembly / C1.C1Preview.DataBinding Namespace
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    C1.C1Preview.DataBinding Namespace (C1.PrintDocument.4.5.2)
    In This Topic
    ClassRepresents an aggregate value calculated on a data-bound element of a C1.C1Preview.C1PrintDocument over a certain scope.
    ClassRepresents a collection of Aggregate objects.
    ClassRepresents the data binding properties of an databound element in a C1.C1Preview.C1PrintDocument. Properties of this type are C1.C1Preview.RenderObject.DataBinding on C1.C1Preview.RenderObject, and C1.C1Preview.TableVectorGroup.DataBinding on groups of table rows and columns (see C1.C1Preview.TableVector).
    ClassRepresents a data schema of a C1.C1Preview.C1PrintDocument.
    ClassContains information about how to connect to a data source.
    ClassRepresents a data set used by a data-bound element of a C1.C1Preview.C1PrintDocument.
    ClassRepresents a collection of DataSet objects in a C1DataSchema.
    ClassRepresents a field in a DataSet. The field may represent a native DB field (assigned via the DataField property), or may be calculated by an expression (set by the Expression property).
    ClassRepresents a collection of DataSetField objects. All fields in the collection must have unique non-empty names.
    ClassRepresents a data source in a C1DataSchema or in a Query.
    ClassRepresents a collection of DataSource objects in a C1DataSchema (see C1DataSchema.DataSources).
    ClassRepresents an expression that can be used is calculated fields, grouping, sorting etc.
    ClassRepresents a collection of Expression objects.
    ClassRepresents a data field available to a data-bound object of a C1.C1Preview.C1PrintDocument. The collection of available fields is returned by the C1DataBinding.Fields property of the object's C1DataBinding.
    ClassCollection of Field objects.
    ClassRepresents a set of expressions that determine the grouping of data in a data-bound object in a C1.C1Preview.C1PrintDocument (see C1DataBinding.Grouping).

    When the document generates, a new group is created if at least one expression in the Expressions collection evaluates to a different value.

    ClassDescribes a query that is executed to fetch data for a DataSet (the query is specified by the DataSet.Query property on the data set object).
    ClassRepresents a parameter that is passed to the data source as part of a query defined by a Query object.
    ClassRepresens a collection of QueryParameter objects. All parameters in the collection must have unique non-empty names.
    ClassRepresents an expression used to sort data, and the direction of the sort.
    ClassCollection of SortExpression objects.
    ClassRepresents the collection of sort expressions (see SortExpression) associated with a data-bound object in a C1.C1Preview.C1PrintDocument.
    EnumerationSpecifies aggregates calculation mode.
    EnumerationDefines the set of supported aggregate functions (see Aggregate).
    EnumerationSpecifies the query type of a Query.
    EnumerationThe type of the data source. This will determine the syntax of the ConnectionProperties.ConnectString and Query.CommandText.
    EnumerationDefines the scope of an Aggregate.
    EnumerationDefines the types of sorting.
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