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    PrintPreview Library
    In This Topic

    The PrintPreview library provides controls and components to display the preview of the associated document, print the document and export it to different formats.

    The main components and controls provided by this library are given below:

    We will elaborate about these controls in the sections below:

    Preview Pane

    The Preview Pane is a display pane showing the preview of the associated document. Connecting other C1Preview components to the pane will add more functionality to it.

    Snapshot of Preview pane application

    Text Search Panel

    The Text Search Panel displays a text search panel to find the text in the connected preview pane, with different text options such as Match Case, Match Whole and Search Up. You can refer the Text Search Panel topic for detailed explanation.

    Snapshot of Text search feature in application

    Outline Panel

    The Preview Outline Panel provides a display panel to show a tree representing the outline nodes of the connected preview pane.

    Snapshot of outline panel

    Thumbnail View

    The Thumbnail View is a display panel that shows a list of thumbnails representing the pages of the connected preview pane.

    Snapshot of ThumbnailView

    Print Preview Dialog

    The PrintPreview dialog displays a dialog box that shows the preview of the associated document. The dialog includes toolbars, navigation panel and status bar. With this dialog box, you can preview how the PrintDocument appears when it is printed.

    Snapshot of PrintPreview dialog

    Print Preview Control

    The PrintPreview control represents an integrated preview control, which contains a preview pane, navigation panel, toolbars and a status bar. It also comes with a smart designer, so that you can edit the preview pane, navigation panel, toolbar and statusbar in the designer itself.

    Snapshot of printpreview control