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In This Topic
    C1StatusBar Class
    In This Topic
    Represents a Status Bar control to be used with a C1Ribbon control in place of a standard C1StatusBar.
    Object Model
    C1StatusBar ClassRibbonItemCollection ClassRibbonItem ClassRibbonStyle ClassRibbonItemCollection ClassRibbonItem ClassToolTipSettings Class
    Public Class C1StatusBar 
       Inherits C1.Framework.XView
       Implements C1.Framework.IView, C1.Win.C1SuperTooltip.ISupportSuperTooltip 
    public class C1StatusBar : C1.Framework.XView, C1.Framework.IView, C1.Win.C1SuperTooltip.ISupportSuperTooltip  
    A Status Bar is a horizontal area at the bottom of an application window where an application can display various types of status information. The C1StatusBar is split into the left and right panes, each of which can contain a series of items such as labels (RibbonLabel), buttons (RibbonButton), and so on.
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