ComponentOne RulesManager for WinForms
Inheritance Hierarchy
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    C1.Win.RulesManager Namespace (C1.Win.RulesManager.4.5.2)
    In This Topic
    ClassProvides data for the BeforeTooltipShow event of the C1DataFilter control.
    ClassThe C1RulesManager control allows to create or edit conditional formatting rules. Conditional formatting is used to highlight important information and make data interpretation easier.
    ClassRepresents a custom range of items.
    ClassRepresents a range of field names.
    ClassRepresents the gradient settings.
    ClassRepresents a rang of rows.
    ClassRepresents item conditional formatting style.
    ClassRepresents conditional formatting rule.
    ClassRepresents additional appearance settings.
    InterfaceRepresents a range of items.
    InterfaceRepresents extended item conditional formatting style.
    InterfaceRepresents conditional formatting rule.
    InterfaceRepresents additional appearance settings.
    StructureRepresents the gradient point for the gradient Rule.
    EnumerationRepresents the gradient point type.
    EnumerationRepresents the key for icons list.
    EnumerationDetermines placement of the pop-up list.
    EnumerationRepresents the rule types.
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