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    Table View
    In This Topic

    Table view is a view where each appointment is displayed as a record in a tabular format along with its subject, attachment, start or end date, and category in different columns. This view is generally used when subject is not enough and other details of appointment are also required for better categorization.

    In Scheduler, table view is supported through the TableView control represented by the C1TableView class provided by the C1.Win.C1Schedule.Extended assembly. To display table view along with the schedule, you need to reference the Scheduler control using Schedule property of the BaseTableView. The TableView control supports two types of table views, list and active, where list view shows all the appointments and events whereas the active view shows the active events and appointments only. You can choose to display the active or list view by setting the Active property of C1TableView class to True or False respectively. You can also customize the view by changing the properties of the AppointmentField objects.

    The following image shows how the list view appears:

    The following image shows how the active view appears:

    Runtime operation

    TableView, just like a grid or table, also supports grouping, sorting, filtering, merging etc. at runtime. Apart from this, user can edit a particular appointment through the EditAppointment dialog which appears on double clicking an appointment. Similarly, all other runtime operations related to an appointment can be carried out in this view as well using the context menu. For more information on runtime operations related to an appointment, see Working with Appointments.