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    Sizer for WinForms Overview
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    Create resolution-independent applications without having to write any code with Sizer for WinForms. The powerful C1Sizer and C1SizerLight components, provided with Sizer for WinForms, make this possible. Now you can resize all contained controls proportionally, so your Windows Form retains its appearance at any resolution.

    C1Sizer is a container control with a powerful grid layout manager that extends the basic layout capabilities provided by the .NET Framework (Dock and Anchor properties). The C1Sizer control allows you to define a grid made up of bands and then add controls that snap to these bands. When the C1Sizer control is resized, the bands are automatically recalculated, and contained controls move automatically to their new positions. You can set up bands at design time and configure them to act as splitters or to keep their size constant when the control is resized.

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