ComponentOne Sizer for WinForms
AccessibilityObject Property
AccessibleDefaultActionDescription Property
AccessibleDescription Property
AccessibleName Property
AccessibleRole Property
Add a C1SizerLight Component to a Form in code
AddControl Method
AllowDrop Property
Anchor Property
API Reference
AutoGenerate Method
AutoScrollOffset Property
AutoSizeEnum Enumeration
AutoSizeMode Property
BackColor Property
BackColor2 Property
BackColorChanged Event
BackgroundImage Property
BackgroundImageChanged Event
BackgroundImageLayout Property
BackgroundImageLayoutChanged Event
BadFormat Property
BadPosition Property
BadPositionOrFactor Property
Band Class
Band Property
BandCollection Class
BeginInvoke Method
BindingContext Property
BindingContextChanged Event
Blend Property
Border Class
Border Property
Bottom Property
Bounds Property (Band)
Bounds Property (C1Sizer)
BringToFront Method
C1.Win.C1Sizer Namespace
C1.Win.C1Sizer.4.5.2 Assembly
C1Sizer Class
C1Sizer Constructor (C1Sizer)
C1Sizer Context Menus
C1Sizer Gradient Editor
C1Sizer Smart Tag
C1SizerEventArgs Class
C1SizerEventHandler Delegate
C1SizerLight Class
C1SizerLight Constructor (C1SizerLight)
C1SizerLight Smart Tag
C1SizerLightEventArgs Class
C1SizerLightEventHandler Delegate
Cancel Property
CanEnableIme Property
CanFocus Property
CannotInsertBand Property
CannotParseFloats Property
CannotRemoveBand Property
CanRaiseEvents Property (C1Sizer)
CanRaiseEvents Property (C1SizerLight)
CanSelect Property
Capture Property
CausesValidation Property
CausesValidationChanged Event
Center Property
ChangeUICues Event
Clear Method
Click Event
ClientRectangle Property
ClientSize Property
ClientSizeChanged Event
Color Property
Column Class
Column Property
ColumnCollection Class
Columns Property
CompanyName Property
ConfirmClearGrid Property
Container Property (C1Sizer)
Container Property (C1SizerLight)
Contains Method
ContainsFocus Property
ContextMenu Property
ContextMenuChanged Event
ContextMenuStrip Property
ContextMenuStripChanged Event
Control Property
ControlAdded Event
ControlRemoved Event
Controls Property
Corners Constructor (Corners)
Corners Property
Corners Structure
Count Property
Create a Three Dimensional Border for the Rows and Columns
CreateAccessibilityInstance Method
CreateControl Method
CreateControlsInstance Method
Created Property
CreateGraphics Method
CreateHandle Method
CreateObjRef Method (C1Sizer)
CreateObjRef Method (C1SizerLight)
CreateParams Property
Cursor Property
CursorChanged Event
DataBindings Property
DefaultCursor Property
DefaultImeMode Property
DefaultMargin Property
DefaultMaximumSize Property
DefaultMinimumSize Property
DefaultPadding Property
DefaultSize Property
DefWndProc Method
DesignMode Property (C1Sizer)
DesignMode Property (C1SizerLight)
Design-Time Support
DesignTimeMessage Property
DestroyHandle Method
DeviceDpi Property
DisplayRectangle Property
Dispose Method (C1Sizer)
Dispose Method (C1SizerLight)
Disposed Event (C1Sizer)
Disposed Event (C1SizerLight)
Disposing Property
Dock Property
DockChanged Event
DoDragDrop Method
DoubleBuffered Property
DoubleClick Event
DpiChangedAfterParent Event
DpiChangedBeforeParent Event
DragDrop Event
DragEnter Event
DraggingSplitter Property
DragLeave Event
DragOver Event
DrawToBitmap Method
Empty Property
Enabled Property (C1Sizer)
Enabled Property (C1SizerLight)
EnabledChanged Event
EndInvoke Method
Enter Event
Equality Operator
Equals Method
Events Property (C1Sizer)
Events Property (C1SizerLight)
Finalize Method (C1Sizer)
Finalize Method (C1SizerLight)
FindForm Method
Focus Method
Focused Property
FontChanged Event
FontHeight Property
ForeColorChanged Event
GammaCorrection Property
GetAccessibilityObjectById Method
GetAutoResize Method
GetAutoSizeMode Method
GetCellAtPoint Method
GetCellBounds Method
GetChildAtPoint Method
GetContainerControl Method
GetControlAtCell Method
GetHashCode Method
GetLifetimeService Method (C1Sizer)
GetLifetimeService Method (C1SizerLight)
GetNextControl Method
GetPreferredSize Method
GetScaledBounds Method
GetService Method (C1Sizer)
GetService Method (C1SizerLight)
GetStyle Method
GetTopLevel Method
GiveFeedback Event
GotFocus Event
Gradient Class
Gradient Property
GradientMode Enumeration
Grid Class
Grid Property
Handle Property
HandleCreated Event
HandleDestroyed Event
HasChildren Property
Height Property
Help with WinForms Edition
HelpRequested Event
Hide Method
Image Property
ImageAlignment Enumeration
ImageAlignment Property
ImageScaling Enumeration
ImageScaling Property
ImeMode Property
ImeModeBase Property
ImeModeChanged Event
Implicit Type Conversion Operator
Index Property
Inequality Operator
InitializeLifetimeService Method (C1Sizer)
InitializeLifetimeService Method (C1SizerLight)
InitLayout Method
Insert Method
Invalidate Method
Invalidated Event
Invoke Method
InvokeGotFocus Method
InvokeLostFocus Method
InvokeOnClick Method
InvokePaint Method
InvokePaintBackground Method
InvokeRequired Property
IsAccessible Property
IsDisposed Property
IsEmpty Property
IsFixedSize Property
IsHandleCreated Property
IsInputChar Method
IsInputKey Method
IsMirrored Property
IsSplitter Property
Item Property (ColumnCollection)
Item Property (RowCollection)
Key Features
KeyDown Event
KeyPress Event
KeyUp Event
Layout Event
LayoutEngine Property
Leave Event
Left Property
LeftBottom Property
LeftTop Property
Location Property
LocationChanged Event
LogicalToDeviceUnits Method
LostFocus Event
Margin Property
MarginChanged Event
MaximumSize Property
MemberwiseClone Method (C1Sizer)
MemberwiseClone Method (C1SizerLight)
MinimumSize Property
Mode Property
MouseCaptureChanged Event
MouseClick Event
MouseDoubleClick Event
MouseDown Event
MouseEnter Event
MouseHover Event
MouseLeave Event
MouseMove Event
MouseUp Event
MouseWheel Event
Move Event
Name Property
NonAscendingPositions Property
NotifyInvalidate Method
OnAutoSizeChanged Method
OnBackColorChanged Method
OnBackgroundImageChanged Method
OnBackgroundImageLayoutChanged Method
OnBindingContextChanged Method
OnCausesValidationChanged Method
OnChangeUICues Method
OnClick Method
OnClientSizeChanged Method
OnContextMenuChanged Method
OnContextMenuStripChanged Method
OnControlAdded Method
OnControlRemoved Method
OnCreateControl Method
OnCursorChanged Method
OnDockChanged Method
OnDoubleClick Method
OnDpiChangedAfterParent Method
OnDpiChangedBeforeParent Method
OnDragDrop Method
OnDragEnter Method
OnDragLeave Method
OnDragOver Method
OnEnabledChanged Method
OnEnter Method
OnFontChanged Method
OnForeColorChanged Method
OnGiveFeedback Method
OnGotFocus Method
OnHandleCreated Method
OnHandleDestroyed Method
OnHelpRequested Method
OnImeModeChanged Method
OnInvalidated Method
OnKeyDown Method
OnKeyPress Method
OnKeyUp Method
OnLayout Method
OnLeave Method
OnLocationChanged Method
OnLostFocus Method
OnMarginChanged Method
OnMouseCaptureChanged Method
OnMouseClick Method
OnMouseDoubleClick Method
OnMouseDown Method
OnMouseEnter Method
OnMouseHover Method
OnMouseLeave Method
OnMouseMove Method
OnMouseUp Method
OnMouseWheel Method
OnMove Method
OnNotifyMessage Method
OnPaddingChanged Method
OnPaint Method
OnPaintBackground Method
OnParentBackColorChanged Method
OnParentBackgroundImageChanged Method
OnParentBindingContextChanged Method
OnParentChanged Method
OnParentCursorChanged Method
OnParentEnabledChanged Method
OnParentFontChanged Method
OnParentForeColorChanged Method
OnParentRightToLeftChanged Method
OnParentVisibleChanged Method
OnPreviewKeyDown Method
OnPrint Method
OnQueryContinueDrag Method
OnRegionChanged Method
OnResize Method
OnResizingControl Method
OnResizingFont Method
OnRightToLeftChanged Method
OnSizeChanged Method
OnSplitterMoved Method
OnSplitterMoving Method
OnStyleChanged Method
OnSystemColorsChanged Method
OnTabIndexChanged Method
OnTabStopChanged Method
OnTextChanged Method
OnValidated Method
OnValidating Method
OnVisibleChanged Method
Padding Property
PaddingChanged Event
Paint Event
Parent Property
ParentChanged Event
PerformLayout Method
PointToClient Method
PointToScreen Method
Position Controls on the C1Sizer Grid at Run Time
PreferredSize Property
PreProcessControlMessage Method
PreProcessMessage Method
PreviewKeyDown Event
ProcessCmdKey Method
ProcessDialogChar Method
ProcessDialogKey Method
ProcessKeyEventArgs Method
ProcessKeyPreview Method
ProductName Property
ProductVersion Property
QueryAccessibilityHelp Event
QueryContinueDrag Event
Quick Start Tutorial
RaiseDragEvent Method
RaiseKeyEvent Method
RaiseMouseEvent Method
RaisePaintEvent Method
RecreateHandle Method
RecreatingHandle Property
RectangleToClient Method
RectangleToScreen Method
Refresh Method
Region Property
RegionChanged Event
Remove Method
RescaleConstantsForDpi Method
ResetMouseEventArgs Method
ResetText Method
Resize Event
ResizeFonts Property
ResizeRedraw Property
ResizingControl Event
ResizingFont Event
ResourceManager Property
ResumeLayout Method
Right Property
RightBottom Property
RightToLeft Property
RightToLeftChanged Event
RightTop Property
Row Class
Row Property
RowCollection Class
Rows Property
RtlTranslateAlignment Method
RtlTranslateHorizontal Method
RtlTranslateLeftRight Method
Scale Method
ScaleBitmapLogicalToDevice Method
ScaleChildren Property
ScaleControl Method
Select Method
SelectedObjects Property
SelectNextControl Method
SendToBack Method
SetAutoResize Method
SetAutoSizeMode Method
SetBounds Method
SetBoundsCore Method
SetClientSizeCore Method
SetSizes Method
SetStyle Method
SetTopLevel Method
SetVisibleCore Method
Show Method
Site Property (C1Sizer)
Site Property (C1SizerLight)
Size Property (Band)
Size Property (C1Sizer)
Size Property (Column)
Size Property (Row)
SizeChanged Event
SizeFromClientSize Method
Sizer for WinForms Overview
Sizer for WinForms Samples
Sizer for WinForms Task-Based Help
Sizer Property
SplitterMoved Event
SplitterMoving Event
SplitterWidth Property
Store Layout Information for the C1Sizer Control
Strings Class
Strings.BlendErrors Class
StyleChanged Event
SuspendLayout Method
SystemColorsChanged Event
TabIndex Property
TabIndexChanged Event
TabStop Property
TabStopChanged Event
Tag Property
Text Property
TextChanged Event
Thickness Property
Top Property
TopLevelControl Property
ToString Method (C1Sizer)
ToString Method (C1SizerLight)
ToString Method (Column)
ToString Method (Row)
Tutorial 1: Set up the grid, then add the controls
Tutorial 2: Add the controls, then set up the grid
UICulture Property
Update Method
UpdateStyles Method
UpdateZOrder Method
UseWaitCursor Property
Using the C1Sizer Control
Using the C1SizerLight Component
Validated Event
Validating Event
Visible Property
VisibleChanged Event
Width Property
WndProc Method
X Property
Y Property