ComponentOne SpellChecker for WinForms
C1.Win.C1SpellChecker.4.5.2 Assembly / C1.Win.C1SpellChecker Namespace / C1SpellChecker Class / MainDictionary Property

In This Topic
    MainDictionary Property
    In This Topic
    Gets the main dictionary used for spell-checking.
    Public ReadOnly Property MainDictionary As SpellDictionary
    public SpellDictionary MainDictionary {get;}

    This is the main dictionary. It is stored in a compressed format, and is read-only.

    You can edit the spell dictionaries or create your own using the C1DictionaryEditor utility that ships with C1SpellChecker. This option can be useful for domain-specific applications that require the use of technical jargon (for example, medical, legal, and so on).

    Users cannot add words to this dictionary, only to the UserDictionary.

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