ComponentOne SpellChecker for WinForms
_COORD_SYSTEM Enumeration
AboutSpellChecker Property
AcceptButton Property
AccessibilityObject Property
AccessibleDefaultActionDescription Property
AccessibleDescription Property
AccessibleName Property
AccessibleRole Property
ActionLists Property
Activate Method
Activated Event
ActivateMdiChild Method
ActiveControl Property
ActiveMdiChild Property
ActiveSpellingEnabled Property
Add Method (CharRangeList)
Add Method (SuggestionList)
Add Method (WordDictionary)
Add Method (WordList)
AddOwnedForm Method
AddRange Method (CharRangeList)
AddRange Method (SuggestionList)
AddWord Method
AdjustFormScrollbars Method
AllowDrop Property
AllowTransparency Property
Anchor Property
API Reference
AsReadOnly Method (CharRangeList)
AsReadOnly Method (SuggestionList)
AssociatedComponents Property
AutoReplace Event
AutoReplaceEventArgs Class
AutoReplaceEventArgs Constructor (AutoReplaceEventArgs)
AutoReplaceEventHandler Delegate
AutoReplaceList Property
AutoScaleDimensions Property
AutoScaleFactor Property
AutoScaleMode Property
AutoScroll Property
AutoScrollMargin Property
AutoScrollMinSize Property
AutoScrollOffset Property
AutoScrollPosition Property
AutoShow Property
AutoSize Property
AutoSizeChanged Event
AutoSizeMode Property
AutoValidate Property
AutoValidateChanged Event
BackColor Property
BackColorChanged Event
BackgroundImage Property
BackgroundImageChanged Event
BackgroundImageLayout Property
BackgroundImageLayoutChanged Event
BadWord Property (BadWordAddedEventArgs)
BadWord Property (BadWordEventArgs)
BadWordAdded Event
BadWordAddedEventArgs Class
BadWordAddedEventArgs Constructor (BadWordAddedEventArgs)
BadWordAddedHandler Delegate
BadWordEventArgs Class
BadWordEventArgs Constructor (BadWordEventArgs)
BadWordEventHandler Delegate
BadWordFound Event
BadWordList Property
BeginInvoke Method
BinarySearch Method (CharRangeList)
BinarySearch Method (SuggestionList)
BindingContext Property
BindingContextChanged Event
Bottom Property
Bounds Property
BringToFront Method
Building and Maintaining Dictionary Files
Built-in Spell Dialog Box
C1.Win.C1SpellChecker Namespace
C1.Win.C1SpellChecker.4.5.2 Assembly
C1.Win.C1SpellChecker.Design Namespace
C1.Win.C1SpellChecker.Interfaces Namespace
C1SpellChecker Class
C1SpellChecker Constructor (C1SpellChecker)
C1SpellChecker Fundamentals
C1SpellCheckerActionList Class
C1SpellCheckerActionList Constructor (C1SpellCheckerActionList)
C1SpellCheckerDesigner Class
C1SpellCheckerDesigner Constructor (C1SpellCheckerDesigner)
C1SpellDialog Class
C1SpellDialog Constructor (C1SpellDialog)
Cancel Property (AutoReplaceEventArgs)
Cancel Property (BadWordEventArgs)
CancelButton Property
CanEnableIme Property
CanFocus Property
CanRaiseEvents Property (C1SpellChecker)
CanRaiseEvents Property (C1SpellDialog)
CanSelect Property
Capacity Property (CharRangeList)
Capacity Property (SuggestionList)
Capture Property
CausesValidation Property
CausesValidationChanged Event
CenterToParent Method
CenterToScreen Method
ChangeItemKey Method
ChangeUICues Event
CharRange Class
CharRange Constructor (CharRange)
CharRangeList Class
CharRangeList Constructor (CharRangeList)
CheckControl Method
CheckText Method
CheckWord Method
Clear Method (CharRangeList)
Clear Method (SuggestionList)
Clear Method (UserDictionary)
Clear Method (WordDictionary)
Clear Method (WordList)
ClearItems Method
Click Event
ClientRectangle Property
ClientSize Property
ClientSizeChanged Event
Close Method
CompanyName Property
Comparer Property (WordDictionary)
Comparer Property (WordList)
Component Property (C1SpellCheckerActionList)
Component Property (C1SpellCheckerDesigner)
Container Property (C1SpellChecker)
Container Property (C1SpellDialog)
Contains Method (C1SpellDialog)
Contains Method (CharRangeList)
Contains Method (ISpellDictionary)
Contains Method (SpellDictionary)
Contains Method (SpellDictionaryBase)
Contains Method (SuggestionList)
Contains Method (UserDictionary)
Contains Method (WordList)
ContainsFocus Property
ContainsKey Method
ContainsValue Method
ContextMenu Property
ContextMenuChanged Event
ContextMenuCreated Event
ContextMenuEventArgs Class
ContextMenuEventArgs Constructor (ContextMenuEventArgs)
ContextMenuEventHandler Delegate
ContextMenuStrip Property
ContextMenuStripChanged Event
Control Property (AutoReplaceEventArgs)
Control Property (BadWordEventArgs)
ControlAdded Event
ControlBox Property
ControlRemoved Event
Controls Property
ConvertAll<TOutput> Method (CharRangeList)
ConvertAll<TOutput> Method (SuggestionList)
CopyTo Method (CharRangeList)
CopyTo Method (SuggestionList)
CopyTo Method (WordList)
Count Property (CharRangeList)
Count Property (SuggestionList)
Count Property (WordDictionary)
Count Property (WordList)
CreateAccessibilityInstance Method
CreateControl Method
CreateControlsInstance Method
Created Property
CreateGraphics Method
CreateHandle Method
CreateObjRef Method (C1SpellChecker)
CreateObjRef Method (C1SpellDialog)
CreateParams Property
Creating a Custom Dictionary
Creating a New DCT File
CurrentAutoScaleDimensions Property
CurrentError Property
Cursor Property
CursorChanged Event
CustomDictionary Property
Customizing the Spell Dialog
CustomParser Property
DataBindings Property
Deactivate Event
DefaultCursor Property
DefaultImeMode Property
DefaultMargin Property
DefaultMaximumSize Property
DefaultMinimumSize Property
DefaultPadding Property
DefaultSize Property
DefWndProc Method
DesignMode Property (C1SpellChecker)
DesignMode Property (C1SpellDialog)
DesignStrings Class
DesktopBounds Property
DesktopLocation Property
DestroyHandle Method
DeviceDpi Property
Dialog Property
DialogLanguage Enumeration
DialogLanguage Property
DialogResult Property
DictFilesFilter Property
Dictionary Property
DictionaryChanged Event
DictionaryState Enumeration
DisplayRectangle Property
Dispose Method (C1SpellChecker)
Dispose Method (C1SpellCheckerDesigner)
Dispose Method (C1SpellDialog)
Disposed Event (C1SpellChecker)
Disposed Event (C1SpellDialog)
Disposing Property
Dock Property
DockChanged Event
DoDefaultAction Method
DoDragDrop Method
DoubleBuffered Property
DoubleClick Event
DpiChanged Event
DpiChangedAfterParent Event
DpiChangedBeforeParent Event
DragDrop Event
DragEnter Event
DragLeave Event
DragOver Event
DrawToBitmap Method
Duplicate Property
Editing the Contents of the DCT File
Enabled Property (C1SpellChecker)
Enabled Property (C1SpellDialog)
Enabled Property (SpellDictionaryBase)
EnabledChanged Event
End Property
EndInvoke Method
EnsureLoaded Method
Enter Event
Equals Method (CharRange)
Equals Method (CharRangeList)
ErrorCount Property (C1SpellDialog)
ErrorCount Property (ISpellDialog)
ErrorDisplayed Event
ErrorIndex Property
Errors Property
Events Property (C1SpellChecker)
Events Property (C1SpellDialog)
Exists Method (CharRangeList)
Exists Method (SuggestionList)
ExpandOverWhitespace Method
FileName Property (SpellDictionary)
FileName Property (SpellDictionaryBase)
FileName Property (UserDictionary)
FilterWord Method
Finalize Method (C1SpellChecker)
Finalize Method (C1SpellCheckerDesigner)
Finalize Method (C1SpellDialog)
Find Method (CharRangeList)
Find Method (SuggestionList)
FindAll Method (CharRangeList)
FindAll Method (SuggestionList)
FindForm Method
FindIndex Method (CharRangeList)
FindIndex Method (SuggestionList)
FindLast Method (CharRangeList)
FindLast Method (SuggestionList)
FindLastIndex Method (CharRangeList)
FindLastIndex Method (SuggestionList)
Focus Method
Focused Property
Font Property
FontChanged Event
FontHeight Property
ForEach Method (CharRangeList)
ForEach Method (SuggestionList)
ForeColor Property
ForeColorChanged Event
FormBorderStyle Property
FormClosed Event
FormClosing Event
Found Property
GetAccessibilityObjectById Method
GetActiveSpellChecking Method
GetAutoSizeMode Method
GetChildAtPoint Method
GetContainerControl Method
GetFileName Method (SpellDictionaryBase)
GetFileName Method (UserDictionary)
GetHashCode Method (CharRange)
GetHashCode Method (CharRangeList)
GetKeyForItem Method
GetLifetimeService Method (C1SpellChecker)
GetLifetimeService Method (C1SpellDialog)
GetNextControl Method
GetNextWord Method (CharRange)
GetNextWord Method (ISpellParser)
GetObjectData Method
GetPreferredSize Method
GetRange Method (CharRangeList)
GetRange Method (SuggestionList)
GetRangeFromPosition Method
GetRangeIndexFromPosition Method
GetScaledBounds Method
GetScrollState Method
GetService Method (C1SpellChecker)
GetService Method (C1SpellCheckerActionList)
GetService Method (C1SpellCheckerDesigner)
GetService Method (C1SpellDialog)
GetSortedActionItems Method
GetStyle Method
GetSuggestions Method
GetTopLevel Method
GetWordAt Method
GiveFeedback Event
GotFocus Event
Handle Property
HandleCreated Event
HandleDestroyed Event
HasChildren Property
Height Property
Help with WinForms Edition
HelpButton Property
HelpButtonClicked Event
HelpRequested Event
Hide Method
HorizontalScroll Property
HScroll Property
Icon Property
Ignore Property
IgnoreList Property
IgnoreOptions Enumeration
ImeMode Property
ImeModeBase Property
ImeModeChanged Event
IndexOf Method (CharRangeList)
IndexOf Method (SuggestionList)
IndexOf Method (WordList)
InheritanceAttribute Property
Inherited Property
Initialize Method (C1SpellCheckerDesigner)
Initialize Method (C1SpellDialog)
Initialize Method (ISpellDialog)
InitializeExistingComponent Method
InitializeLifetimeService Method (C1SpellChecker)
InitializeLifetimeService Method (C1SpellDialog)
InitializeNewComponent Method
InitializeNonDefault Method
InitLayout Method
InputLanguageChanged Event
InputLanguageChanging Event
Insert Method (CharRangeList)
Insert Method (SuggestionList)
Insert Method (WordList)
InsertItem Method
InsertRange Method (CharRangeList)
InsertRange Method (SuggestionList)
Invalidate Method
Invalidated Event
Invoke Method
InvokeGetInheritanceAttribute Method
InvokeGotFocus Method
InvokeLostFocus Method
InvokeOnClick Method
InvokePaint Method
InvokePaintBackground Method
InvokeRequired Property
IsAccessible Property
IsDisposed Property
IsHandleCreated Property
IsInputChar Method
IsInputKey Method
IsMdiChild Property
IsMdiContainer Property
IsMirrored Property
ISpellDialog Interface
ISpellDictionary Interface
ISpellParser Interface
IsRestrictedWindow Property
IsWordCharacter Method
Item Property (CharRangeList)
Item Property (SuggestionList)
Item Property (WordDictionary)
Item Property (WordList)
Items Property
Key Features
KeyDown Event
KeyPress Event
KeyPreview Property
Keys Property
KeyUp Event
LastIndexOf Method (CharRangeList)
LastIndexOf Method (SuggestionList)
Layout Event
LayoutEngine Property
LayoutMdi Method
Leave Event
Left Property
Length Property
Load Event
Load Method (SpellDictionary)
Load Method (SpellDictionaryBase)
Load Method (UserDictionary)
Location Property
LocationChanged Event
LogicalToDeviceUnits Method
LostFocus Event
m_enabled Field
m_fileName Field
m_spell Field
m_state Field
MainDictionary Property
MainMenuStrip Property
Making Automatic Replacements as you Type
MaximizeBox Property
MaximizedBounds Property
MaximizedBoundsChanged Event
MaximumSize Property
MaximumSizeChanged Event
MaxSuggestionsInContextMenu Property
MaxWordLength Property
MdiChildActivate Event
MdiChildren Property
MdiParent Property
MemberwiseClone Method (C1SpellChecker)
MemberwiseClone Method (C1SpellDialog)
Menu Property (C1SpellDialog)
Menu Property (ContextMenuEventArgs)
MenuComplete Event
MenuStart Event
MergedMenu Property
MinimizeBox Property
MinimumSize Property
MinimumSizeChanged Event
Modal Property
Modes of Spell-Checking
MouseCaptureChanged Event
MouseClick Event
MouseDoubleClick Event
MouseDown Event
MouseEnter Event
MouseHover Event
MouseLeave Event
MouseMove Event
MouseUp Event
MouseWheel Event
Move Event
Name Property
NotifyInvalidate Method
OnActivated Method
OnAutoReplace Method
OnAutoSizeChanged Method
OnAutoValidateChanged Method
OnBackColorChanged Method
OnBackgroundImageChanged Method
OnBackgroundImageLayoutChanged Method
OnBadWordFound Method
OnBindingContextChanged Method
OnCausesValidationChanged Method
OnChangeUICues Method
OnClick Method
OnClientSizeChanged Method
OnClosed Method
OnClosing Method
OnContextMenuChanged Method
OnContextMenuCreated Method
OnContextMenuStripChanged Method
OnControlAdded Method
OnControlRemoved Method
OnCreateControl Method
OnCursorChanged Method
OnDeactivate Method
OnDeserialization Method
OnDictionaryChanged Method
OnDockChanged Method
OnDoubleClick Method
OnDpiChanged Method
OnDpiChangedAfterParent Method
OnDpiChangedBeforeParent Method
OnDragDrop Method
OnDragEnter Method
OnDragLeave Method
OnDragOver Method
OnEnabledChanged Method
OnEnter Method
OnErrorDisplayed Method
OnFontChanged Method
OnForeColorChanged Method
OnFormClosed Method
OnFormClosing Method
OnGetDpiScaledSize Method
OnGiveFeedback Method
OnGotFocus Method
OnHandleCreated Method
OnHandleDestroyed Method
OnHelpButtonClicked Method
OnHelpRequested Method
OnImeModeChanged Method
OnInputLanguageChanged Method
OnInputLanguageChanging Method
OnInvalidated Method
OnKeyDown Method
OnKeyPress Method
OnKeyUp Method
OnLayout Method
OnLeave Method
OnLoad Method
OnLocationChanged Method
OnLostFocus Method
OnMarginChanged Method
OnMaximizedBoundsChanged Method
OnMaximumSizeChanged Method
OnMdiChildActivate Method
OnMenuComplete Method
OnMenuStart Method
OnMinimumSizeChanged Method
OnMouseCaptureChanged Method
OnMouseClick Method
OnMouseDoubleClick Method
OnMouseDown Method
OnMouseEnter Method
OnMouseHover Method
OnMouseLeave Method
OnMouseMove Method
OnMouseUp Method
OnMouseWheel Method
OnMove Method
OnNotifyMessage Method
OnPaddingChanged Method
OnPaint Method
OnPaintBackground Method
OnParentBackColorChanged Method
OnParentBackgroundImageChanged Method
OnParentBindingContextChanged Method
OnParentChanged Method
OnParentCursorChanged Method
OnParentEnabledChanged Method
OnParentFontChanged Method
OnParentForeColorChanged Method
OnParentRightToLeftChanged Method
OnParentVisibleChanged Method
OnPreviewKeyDown Method
OnPrint Method
OnQueryContinueDrag Method
OnRegionChanged Method
OnResize Method
OnResizeBegin Method
OnResizeEnd Method
OnRightToLeftChanged Method
OnRightToLeftLayoutChanged Method
OnScroll Method
OnSetComponentDefaults Method
OnShown Method
OnSizeChanged Method
OnStyleChanged Method
OnSystemColorsChanged Method
OnTabIndexChanged Method
OnTabStopChanged Method
OnTextChanged Method
OnValidated Method
OnValidating Method
OnVisibleChanged Method
Opacity Property
OpenDictFilesDlgTitle Property
Options Property
Other Spell-Checking Services
OwnedForms Property
Owner Property
Padding Property
PaddingChanged Event
Paint Event
Parent Property
ParentChanged Event
ParentComponent Property
ParentForm Property
Password Property
PerformAutoScale Method
PerformLayout Method
PointToClient Method
PointToScreen Method
PostFilterAttributes Method
PostFilterEvents Method
PostFilterProperties Method
PreferredSize Property
PreFilterAttributes Method
PreFilterEvents Method
PreFilterProperties Method
PreProcessControlMessage Method
PreProcessMessage Method
PreviewKeyDown Event
ProcessCmdKey Method
ProcessDialogChar Method
ProcessDialogKey Method
ProcessKeyEventArgs Method
ProcessKeyPreview Method
ProcessTabKey Method
ProductName Property
ProductVersion Property
QueryAccessibilityHelp Event
QueryContinueDrag Event
RaiseComponentChanged Method
RaiseComponentChanging Method
RaiseDragEvent Method
RaiseKeyEvent Method
RaiseMouseEvent Method
RaisePaintEvent Method
RecreateHandle Method
RecreatingHandle Property
RectangleToClient Method
RectangleToScreen Method
Refresh Method
Region Property
RegionChanged Event
Remove Method (CharRangeList)
Remove Method (SuggestionList)
Remove Method (WordDictionary)
Remove Method (WordList)
RemoveAll Method (CharRangeList)
RemoveAll Method (SuggestionList)
RemoveAt Method (CharRangeList)
RemoveAt Method (SuggestionList)
RemoveAt Method (WordList)
RemoveItem Method
RemoveOwnedForm Method
RemoveRange Method (CharRangeList)
RemoveRange Method (SuggestionList)
RemoveWord Method
Replace Property
RescaleConstantsForDpi Method
ResetMouseEventArgs Method
ResetText Method
Resize Event
ResizeBegin Event
ResizeEnd Event
ResizeRedraw Property
ResourceManager Property (DesignStrings)
ResourceManager Property (Strings)
RestoreBounds Property
ResumeLayout Method
Reverse Method (CharRangeList)
Reverse Method (SuggestionList)
Right Property
RightToLeft Property
RightToLeftChanged Event
RightToLeftLayout Property
RightToLeftLayoutChanged Event
RtlTranslateAlignment Method
RtlTranslateHorizontal Method
RtlTranslateLeftRight Method
Save Method
Scale Method
ScaleBitmapLogicalToDevice Method
ScaleChildren Property
ScaleControl Method
Scroll Event
ScrollControlIntoView Method
ScrollToControl Method
Select Method
SelectNextControl Method
SendToBack Method
SetActiveSpellChecking Method
SetAutoScrollMargin Method
SetAutoSizeMode Method
SetBounds Method
SetBoundsCore Method
SetClientSizeCore Method
SetDesktopBounds Method
SetDesktopLocation Method
SetDisplayRectLocation Method
SetScrollState Method
SetStyle Method
Setting the Spell Dialog Language
SetTopLevel Method
SetVisibleCore Method
ShadowProperties Property
Show Method
ShowAboutBox Method
ShowDialog Method
ShowIcon Property
ShowInTaskbar Property
Shown Event
ShowSuggestions Event
ShowSuggestionsInContextMenu Property
ShowWithoutActivation Property
Site Property (C1SpellChecker)
Site Property (C1SpellDialog)
Size Property
SizeChanged Event
SizeFromClientSize Method
SizeGripStyle Property
Sort Method (CharRangeList)
Sort Method (SuggestionList)
SpellChecker for WinForms Overview
SpellChecker for WinForms Quick Start
SpellChecker for WinForms Samples
SpellChecker for WinForms Task-Based Help
Spell-Checking a C1FlexGrid Control
Spell-Checking Different Types of Controls
Spell-Checking International Applications
SpellDictionary Class
SpellDictionaryBase Class
SpellOptions Class
Start Property
StartPosition Property
State Property
Strings Class
StyleChanged Event
SuggestionList Class
SuggestionList Constructor (SuggestionList)
Suggestions Property
SuggestionsEventArgs Class
SuggestionsEventHandler Delegate
SuspendLayout Method
SystemColorsChanged Event
Tag Property
Text Property (C1SpellDialog)
Text Property (CharRange)
TextChanged Event
ToArray Method (CharRangeList)
ToArray Method (SuggestionList)
Top Property
TopLevel Property
TopLevelControl Property
TopMost Property
ToString Method (C1SpellChecker)
ToString Method (C1SpellDialog)
ToString Method (SpellDictionaryBase)
ToString Method (SpellOptions)
TransparencyKey Property
TrimExcess Method (CharRangeList)
TrimExcess Method (SuggestionList)
TrueForAll Method (CharRangeList)
TrueForAll Method (SuggestionList)
TryGetValue Method
Types of Dictionary Files
UICulture Property (DesignStrings)
UICulture Property (Strings)
UnderlineColor Property
Update Method
UpdateDefaultButton Method
UpdateStyles Method
UpdateZOrder Method
UserDictionary Class
UserDictionary Property
UseWaitCursor Property
Validate Method
ValidateChildren Method
Validated Event
Validating Event
Values Property
Verbs Property
VerticalScroll Property
Visible Property
VisibleChanged Event
VScroll Property
Width Property
WindowState Property
WndProc Method
Word Property
WordCount Property
WordDictionary Class
WordDictionary Constructor (WordDictionary)
WordList Class
Words Property