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C1Theme Designer Application Overview / Specifying Theme Property by Reference
In This Topic
    Specifying Theme Property by Reference
    In This Topic

    To specify a theme property by reference, complete the following:

    1. Double-click on the C1ThemeDesigner from the C:\Program Files\ComponentOne\WinForms Edition\bin\v4\Designer folder.
    1. Click on Create New Theme from the Topic Bar. The New Theme dialog box appears.
    2. Select the Standard built-in theme template and enter BlueandPink for the theme Name and Click OK.
    3. Select Control Text from the BaseThemeProperties in the Theme tree.
    4. Click on the Control Text dropdown arrow and click the Custom tab.
    5. Set the BackColor to 151; 45; 85.
    6. Click on the dropdown arrow next to Window Text and select the Reference tab.
    7. Select the Control Text in the Reference tab.




    Notice the icon appears as a visual indicator that the Window Text property is referenced from the BaseThemeProperties Control Text.