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    Application Zoom Component
    In This Topic

    The C1ApplicationZoom component allows users to zoom all controls of all Forms in the project. Creating and using a C1ApplicationZoom is very similar to using a regular C1Zoom component.  In C1Zoom, you need to add a C1Zoom component to each Form.  In C1ApplicationZoom, you need to add a C1ApplicationZoom component only to the start-up Form because C1ApplicationZoom automatically attaches C1Zoom components to each Form which is accessible from the  Application.OpenForms static property. If there is a C1Zoom or C1ZoomPanel on a Form, C1ApplicationZoom skips the Form so you can continue use these controls to implement custom zoom settings for the specific Form.

    C1ApplicationZoom component does not support PanWindow.
    The start-up form is a Form which is selected in the Start-up Form dropdown list in the project properties window in a Visual Basic project. In a Visual C# project, the Start-up Form is a Form of a parameter of the Program.cs in the Application.Run method.