ComponentOne Word for WinForms
C1.C1Word.4.5.2 Assembly / C1.C1Word.Objects Namespace / RtfListText Class / ListLevel Property

In This Topic
    ListLevel Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or set level of the list to which the paragraph belongs.
    Public Property ListLevel As System.Integer
    public ListLevel {get; set;}
    For all simple lists, N should always be 0. For multilevel lists, it can be 0 through 8. The value 9 is never used. The values 10 through 12 have the special meanings for documents generated by Word 6: 10 = ilvlBullet (a bulleted paragraph in Word 6), 11 = ilvlList (a numbered paragraph in Word 6), 12 = ilvlContinue (a paragraph that was not itself numbered, but took its indenting scheme from its numbering properties and did not “break” numbering (that in Word 6 required otherwise contiguous paragraphs).
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