ComponentOne Word for WinForms
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    Object Model Summary
    In This Topic

    C1Word provides a rich and powerful object model which is easily programmable. The C1.C1Word.C1WordDocument class provides all advanced properties and methods to create both Microsoft Word and RTF Documents.

    C1WordDocument Object
    Add, AddBookmark, AddBookmarkStart, AddBookmarkEnd, AddLink, AddParagraph, AddPicture, ColumnBreak, DrawArc, DrawRectangle, DrawString, FillPie, Load, Count, Current, Hyperlink, ShapesWord2007Compatible
    RTFPageSize Object
    A0, A1, A4, A10, B1, B5, HalfLetter, Legal, Letter
    ResourceManager, UICulture
    ClosedDocument, UnsupportedRotationAngle