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In This Topic
    C1ZStreamWriter Class
    In This Topic
    Compresses data into .NET Streams.
    Object Model
    C1ZStreamWriter ClassZStream Class
    Public Class C1ZStreamWriter 
       Inherits System.IO.Stream
    public class C1ZStreamWriter : System.IO.Stream 

    To compress data into a stream, create a C1ZStreamWriter object passing the stream to the C1ZStreamWriter constructor.

    Then write the data into the C1ZStreamWriter using the Write method, or create a System.IO.StreamWriter on the C1ZStreamWriter. The second option is indicated when you want to write formatted data.

    When you are done writing the data, call the Close method to flush the data and close the underlying stream.

    The code below compresses a string into a memory stream:
    public byte[] CompressString(string str)
    	// open memory stream
    	var ms = new MemoryStream();
    	// attach compressor stream to memory stream
    	var sw = new C1ZStreamWriter(ms);
    	// write data into compressor stream
    	var writer = new StreamWriter(sw);
    	// flush any pending data
    	// return the memory buffer
    	return ms.ToArray();
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