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    Zip for .NET Fundamentals
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    The classes in the C1Zip library are divided into three levels:

    Level Main Classes Description


    C1ZipFile, C1ZipEntry, C1ZipEntryCollection

    Use these classes to create, open, and manage ZIP files. You can inspect the contents of ZIP files, test their integrity, add, delete, and extract entries to and from ZIP files.


    C1ZStreamReader, C1ZStreamWriter

    Use these classes to compress and expand data into and out of regular .NET streams (including memory, file, and network streams).



    This is the lowest level class in C1Zip. It is a 100% C# implementation of Zlib, the popular data-compression library written by Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler. ZStream is used by the higher level classes in C1Zip.

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