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    Zip for .NET Tutorials
    In This Topic

    The following topics contain tutorials that illustrate some of the main features in the C1Zip library. The tutorials walk you through the creation of several simple projects, describing each step in detail. See the included Zip for .NET Samples for additional examples that can be used as a reference.

    Tutorial Description

    Compressing Data in Memory

    Shows how you can compress and expand arbitrary data in memory. This technique is useful in any situation where you keep memory streams while the application is running. By compressing the streams, you can reduce the memory requirements for your application.

    Compressing Files

    Shows how you can compress individual files so they take up less disk space and are less exposed to access by users. Note that these are not zip files, just individual compressed files. The last tutorial covers zip files.

    Compressed Serialization

    Shows how you can combine Zip with .NET serialization to save objects into streams that are a fraction of the regular size. If you are serializing objects into XML streams, the savings in disk space and network bandwidth can be huge.

    Handling Zip Files

    Shows how you can open, inspect, add, and remove files in a zip archive. Using the zip format for your application storage needs has several advantages: it is an open-standard, well-documented, space-efficient format.

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