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    Menu and Context Menu
    In This Topic

    Add a complete menu system to your Silverlight app with Menu for WPF and Silverlight and ContextMenu for Silverlight. Use the C1Menu control to create menu and C1ContextMenu control to attach pop-up menu to your interface.

    Menu for WPF and Silverlight includes the following controls:

    The C1ContextMenu provides a pop-up menu that provides frequently used commands that are associated with the selected object.

    The C1Menu is a control that allows hierarchical organization of elements associated with event handlers.

    Make the most of Menu for WPF and Silverlight by taking advantage of the following key features:

    Menus are positioned automatically and always stay within the page bounds. See Boundary Detection for more information.

    The C1Menu control supports keyboard navigation, making your Silverlight applications more accessible.

    Nest menus to any depth. See Nested Submenus for more information.

    Menu allows you to use an icon for each menu item along with the menu label.

    Declare menu items with checked/unchecked states. See Checkable Menu Items for more information.

    The C1ContextMenu control enables you to provide pop-up menus that associate frequently used commands with selected objects. The C1ContextMenuService class exposes context menus as extender properties that can be attached to any FrameworkElement objects on the page, much like the ToolTip property provided by the ToolTipService class. See C1ContextMenu Elements for more information.

    Add style to your UI with built-in support for the most popular Microsoft Silverlight Toolkit themes, including Cosmopolitan, ExpressionDark, ExpressionLight, WhistlerBlue, RainierOrange, ShinyBlue, and BureauBlack. See Menu Theming for further details.


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