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    Working with ScrollViewer
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    C1ScrollViewer is used by C1Menu and is a replacement for the standard ScrollViewer control. C1ScrollViewer supports scrolling in both horizontal and vertical directions. C1ScrollViewer includes some advantages over using the Standard ScrollViewer control:

    ClearStyle makes it easy to customize the appearance of the control simply by changing a few properties.

    The C1ScrollViewer control has a unique style, different from the standard control. The C1ScrollViewer also control uses the same style in both Studio for Silverlight and Studio for WPF versions. The Standard ScrollViewer uses different styles for the two platforms.

    C1ScrollViewer allows users the ability to scroll on mouseover at run time. You can customize this feature using the ScrollMode property.

    The C1ScrollViewer element encapsulates a content element and up to two ScrollBar controls. The extent includes all the content of the C1ScrollViewer. The visible area of the content is the viewport.

    The HorizontalScrollBarVisibility and VerticalScrollBarVisibility properties control the conditions under which the vertical and horizontal ScrollBar controls appear.