ComponentOne Carousel for WPF and Silverlight
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    Run-Time Interaction
    In This Topic

    Users can interact with items in the toolbar and content area of the C1CarouselPanel control at run time. Users can move and drag content in the content area or use the scrollbar to manipulate the items displayed in the content area.

    Moving Content

    To move content, click on any item in the CarouselPanel. The content in the CarouselPanel will shift to the left or right according to the path you have specified and the clicked item will become the front-most item. For example, clicking the right-most item in the following image:



    Will move that item to the center of the CarouselPanel:


    Scrolling Content

    You can also move the items in the CarouselPanel control by clicking in the horizontal scrollbar in your browser:



    Click and drag on the thumb button to move content, or click on the scrollbar next to the thumb button to move the content in the direction you choose.



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