ComponentOne Carousel for WPF and Silverlight
CarouselPanel Task Based Help / Using the ScrollViewer
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    Using the ScrollViewer
    In This Topic

    You can allow users to scroll through C1CarouselPanel content either by clicking or by using the ScrollViewer. This topic will walk you through setting the ScrollViewer property to visible and setting some of its properties.

    This Help topic assumes that you have completed one of the previous Adding and Moving Content topics and are using that project for this Help.

    Follow these steps to set the ScrollViewer:

    1. Select the C1CarouselPanel control in your application to open the Properties window.
    2. Locate the CanHorizontallyScroll property in the list and make sure it is checked.
    3. Locate the ScrollOwner property in the list and use the drop-down list to select ScrollViewer. This will open the ScrollOwner sub-properties.
    4. Locate the HorizontalScrollBar property and use the drop-down list to set it to Visible. Scroll down to the VerticalScrollBar property and set that to Disabled.
    5. Press F5 to run your application. It should appear as in the following image:

    You will be able to scroll through the content using the scrollbar at the bottom of the page.

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