ComponentOne Chart for WPF and Silverlight
C1.WPF.C1Chart Namespace / Axis Class / PointFromData Method
The point in axis data coordinates.
Optional offset.

In This Topic
    PointFromData Method (Axis)
    In This Topic
    Transforms the point from axis data coordinates to the chart view coordinates.
    Public Function PointFromData( _
       ByVal pt As Point, _
       Optional ByVal offset As Point _
    ) As Point
    Dim instance As Axis
    Dim pt As Point
    Dim offset As Point
    Dim value As Point
    value = instance.PointFromData(pt, offset)
    public Point PointFromData( 
       Point pt,
       Point offset


    The point in axis data coordinates.
    Optional offset.

    Return Value

    The point in chart view coordinates.
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