ComponentOne Chart for WPF and Silverlight
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    C1.WPF.C1Chart Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassRepresents the action object that supports interactive chart actions such as rotating, scaling, translation and zooming.
    ClassRepresents a collection of Action objects that describe the interactive behavior of a C1Chart at runtime.
    ClassProvides data for a Axis.AnnoCreated event.
    ClassRepresents the area plot element that fills the area between data point and base line.
    ClassRepresents 3D area shape.
    ClassRepresents the class for Axis object. The axes appear on the plot area of the chart.
    ClassRepresents collection of axes.
    ClassRepresents the point on the axis.
    ClassProvides the data for AxisRangeChanged event.
    ClassRepresents axis scroll bar control.
    ClassRepresents bar plot element.
    ClassRepresents 3D bar.
    ClassBar/column chart options.
    ClassRepresents bar 3D shape.
    ClassBase class for pie renderers.
    ClassRepresents base renderer class. The renderer class performs data visualization.
    ClassBase chart for 3D renderers.
    ClassRepresents box symbol.
    ClassBubble chart options.
    ClassBubbleSeries can contains values that specify size of the symbol for each data point. Use BubbleSeries to create bubble charts.
    ClassRepresents a C1Chart control.
    ClassRepresents the chart legend.
    ClassSpecifies various data bindings for chart.
    ClassMain class of data handling, contains collection of data series.
    ClassDefines panel that contains UIElement attached to the data coordinates.
    ClassDefines element of chart panel.
    ClassDefines collection of chart panel objects.
    ClassRepresents class view object that contains all visual plot elements: axes, visualized data.
    ClassContains static instances of built-in converters.
    ClassCylindric 3D element.
    ClassRepresents the cylinder shape used for the 3D chart.
    ClassRepresent the single data point that may have several data values.
    ClassPerforms conversion from DataPoint to string based on the specified format string.
    ClassRepresents data series which contains a group of data values.
    ClassRepresents collection of data series.
    ClassRepresents dot symbol.
    ClassClass that provides static extension methods for several other classes.
    ClassPerforms conversion to string based on the specified format string.
    ClassBase element of the 3D chart.
    ClassRepresents data series with x, y, high, low, open, close data arrays.
    ClassRepresents data series with X, Y, High and Low values.
    ClassRepresents plot element that connects high and low values.
    ClassRepresents element of financial chart (high-low-open-close).
    ClassPerforms conversion based on given JScript expression
    ClassRepresents the chart legend.
    ClassRepresents the item in the chart legend.
    ClassRepresents the collection of legend items.
    ClassRepresents collection of lights for 3D scene.
    ClassSpecifies various advanced options for line and area charts.
    ClassRepresents plot element that connects the data points.
    ClassRepresents the element of pie chart.
    Class3D element of pie chart (slice of pie).
    ClassRepresents 3D pie shape.
    ClassSpecifies various options for pie charts.
    ClassPerforms 2D pie visualization.
    ClassPerforms 2D pie visualization.
    ClassRepresents plot element of pie chart.
    ClassDefines the area containing plot elements that correspond to the data points.
    ClassDefines collection of plot areas
    ClassDefines column-specific properties for plot area.
    ClassDefines row-specific properties for plot area.
    ClassGeneric plot element.
    ClassDefines animation for plot element.
    ClassSpecifies various advanced options for polar and radar charts.
    ClassRenderer which creates plot in Cartesian coordinates.
    ClassRepresents 3D renderer. The Renderer3D performs visualization of Cartesian charts in 3D space.
    ClassRepresents ribbon shape.
    ClassRepresents the rotate action for 3D charts.
    ClassRepresents regular polygon.
    ClassRepresents the scale action.
    ClassBase class for 3D shapes.
    ClassRepresents 3D sphere.
    ClassRepresents spherical shape.
    ClassRepresents star symbol.
    ClassRepresents plot element of step area chart.
    ClassRepresents step lines that connects data points.
    ClassRepresents base class for 2D plot symbols.
    ClassRepresents translate action.
    ClassRepresents tubes that connects the data points.
    ClassRepresents data series with X- and Y-values.
    ClassRepresents data series that contains collection of 3D points.
    ClassRepresents zoom action.
    InterfaceDescribes the axis scroll bar.
    InterfaceDefines chart layer interface.
    InterfaceProvides 3D geometry for the plot element.
    StructureRepresents parameters of pie slice.
    DelegateSelects group key for data point.
    DelegateRepresents the method that handles a Axis.AnnoCreated event.
    DelegateSpecifies delegate for using as DependentAxisConverter.
    DelegateSpecifies delegates for the
    EnumerationSpecifies how data should be aggregated for charting.
    EnumerationSpecifies position of the axis labels.
    EnumerationSpecifies annotation visibility options.
    EnumerationSpecifies position of the axis.
    EnumerationSpecifies available positions for axis scroll bar.
    EnumerationSpecifies axis type.
    EnumerationSpecifies how to calculate the size of symbols for Bubble chart.
    EnumerationSpecifies possible action for the chart panel objects.
    EnumerationSpecifies possible attach options for chart panel object,
    EnumerationSpecifies the chart type.
    EnumerationSpecifies possible values for clipping algorithm.
    EnumerationThis enumeration specifies color themes used to generate colors for data series. Named color themes other than Custom are similar to those in Microsoft Office.
    EnumerationSpecifies how color scheme is generated.
    EnumerationSpecifies how to handle gradient brushes in themes and custom palettes.
    EnumerationDefines the appearance of HLOC (high-low-open-close) plot element.
    EnumerationSpecifies the position of data label relative to the corresponding plot element.
    EnumerationSpecifies legend position.
    EnumerationSpecifies data point marker.
    EnumerationSpecifies how the distance between points is calculated.
    EnumerationSpecifies available values for mouse wheel direction.
    EnumerationSpecifies available options of optimization radius scope.
    EnumerationDescribes plot style.
    EnumerationSpecifies available options for labels on radial axes for radar chart.
    EnumerationSpecifies available render mode for data series.
    EnumerationSpecifies available actions to perform selection of plot elements.
    EnumerationSpecifies various display options for data series.
    EnumerationSpecifies options of stacked chart.
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