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    Chart Resource Keys
    In This Topic

    Built in themes and resources have several incorporated resource keys. These keys include brush, border, and other elements and can be customized to represent a unique appearance. When customizing a theme, a resource key that is not explicitly specified will revert to the default. The included resource keys and their descriptions are noted in the following topics.

    The following tables describe chart resource keys for the chart control and its elements such as the chart area, plot area, axes, and legend.

    Chart Resource Keys

    Resource Key Description
    C1Chart_Foreground_Color Represents C1Chart's foreground color.
    C1Chart_Background_Color Represents C1Chart's background color.
    C1Chart_Background_Brush Represents C1Chart's background brush.
    C1Chart_Foreground_Brush Represents C1Chart's foreground brush.
    C1Chart_Border_Brush Represents C1Chart's border brush.
    C1Chart_Border_Thickness Represents C1Chart's border thickness (all 4 edges).
    C1Chart_CornerRadius Represents chart's corner radius (all 4 corners).
    C1Chart_Padding Represents C1Chart's padding.
    C1Chart_Margin Represents C1Chart's margin.

    Legend Resource Keys

    Resource Key Description
    C1Chart_LegendBackground_Brush Represents C1Chart's legend background brush.
    C1Chart_LegendForeground_Brush Represents Legend's foreground brush for the C1Chart control.
    C1Chart_LegendBorder_Brush Represents Legend's border brush for the C1Chart control.
    C1Chart_LegendBorder_Thickness Represents the Legend border's thickness (all 4 edges) for the C1Chart control.
    C1Chart_Legend_CornerRadius Represents the Legend's corner radius (all 4 corners).

    Chart Area Resource Keys

    Resource Keys Description
    C1Chart_ChartAreaBackground_Brush Represents the ChartArea's background brush.
    C1Chart_ChartAreaForeground_Brush Represents the ChartArea's foreground brush on mouseover.
    C1Chart_ChartAreaBorder_Brush Represents the ChartArea's border brush.
    C1Chart_ChartAreaBorder_Thickness Represents the ChartArea's border thickness.
    C1Chart_ChartArea_CornerRadius Represents the ChartArea's corner radius (all 4 corners).
    C1Chart_ChartArea_Padding Represents the ChartAreas' padding.

    Plot Area Resource Keys

    Resource Key Description
    C1Chart_PlotAreaBackground_Brush Represents the PlotArea's background brush.

    Custom Palette for Plot Elements Key

    Resource Key Description
    C1Chart_CustomPalette Represents the custom palette for plot elements.

    Axis Keys

    Resource Key Description
    C1Chart_AxisMajorGridStroke_Brush Represents the AxisMajorGridStroke's brush.
    C1Chart_AxisMinorGridStroke_Brush Represents the AxisMinorGridStroke's brush.
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