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    Collection of Objects
    In This Topic

    Data binding should be used when you have a collection of objects where each object includes numerical properties. There are at least two chart properties involved in the data binding process.

    Suppose we have the array of points in resources:

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    x:Array x:Key="points" Type="Point">

    The following XAML fragment presents the chart with two data series, one is bound to X coordinate of points, and the other is bound to Y coordinate:

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    <c1chart:C1Chart Name="chart2">
     ItemsSource="{Binding Source={StaticResource points}, Path=Items}">
                         <c1chart:DataSeries ValueBinding="{Binding Path=X}"/>
                         <c1chart:DataSeries ValueBinding="{Binding Path=Y}"/>

    The next sample shows the series that uses both coordinates of points at once; note it is the instance of XYDataSeries class that handles two sets of data values which correspond to x- and y-coordinates:

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           XValueBinding="{Binding Path=X}"
           ValueBinding="{Binding Path=Y}"/>


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