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    In circumstances when you have a substantial amount of X-values or Y-values in your chart data, you can add an AxisScrollBar control to the axes on your chart. Adding a scrollbar can make the data on the chart easier to read by scrolling through it so you can closely view pieces of data one at a time. The following image has the ScrollBar set to the View.AxisX.Value property.



    A scrollbar can appear on the X-Axis or Y-Axis simply by setting the ScrollBar’s Value property to AxisX for the X-Axis or AxisY for the Y-Axis.

    The following XAML code shows how to assign a horizontal scrollbar to the X-Axis:

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    <c1chart:C1Chart Name="c1Chart1">
              <c1chart:Axis Scale="0.2">
                  <c1chart:AxisScrollBar />

    Setting the minimum and maximum values for the Scrollbar will prevent the scrollbar from changing the Axis values when you are scrolling.

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