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    Chart Types
    In This Topic

    Using built-in types is the simplest way to set up the chart's appearance. For example, to set up a wire-frame surface chart, specify the corresponding string in the ChartType property:

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    <C1_WPF_C1Chart3D:C1Chart3D ChartType="SurfaceWireframe"/>

    The available chart types are specified by the members of enumeration Chart3DType.

    The list of available built-in chart types is presented in the table below.

    Name Description
    SurfaceWireframe Wire-frame surface chart
    SurfaceWireframeContour Wire-frame surface chart with contour levels
    Surface Surface chart
    SurfaceContour Surface chart with contour levels
    SurfaceZone Surface chart with zones
    SurfaceZoneContour Surface chart with contour zones

    Surface charts examine the distribution of data and draw contour lines to demarcate each of the contour levels. You can set the number of contour levels in the chart using the ContourLevelsCount property.

    Chart3D for WPF and Silverlight also supports mesh lines which can be added to the X-axis, Y-axis, or both axes. Use the SurfaceMeshAppearance property to determine where the mesh lines appear.


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