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Chart3D for WPF and Silverlight Overview / Getting Started / Key Features
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    Key Features
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    Chart3D for WPF and Silverlight provides the following unique features:

    Chart3D for WPF and Silverlight includes 6 different surface chart types. You can choose among surface charts with wire frames, contour levels, and zones when you create your chart. Customize whether contours and meshes appear along each axis. See Chart Types for more information.

    Display a chart legend for zoned charts. See Adding a Chart Legend for more information.

    Rotate the chart to any angle by setting the Azimuth and Elevation properties. See Rotating and Elevating a Chart for more information.

    The contours and zones determined for the chart can be displayed on the ceiling or floor of the plot cube. Display contours and zones on the top and bottom of the chart to give a 2D representation in addition to the 3D model. See Adding Floors and Ceilings for examples.

    Easily create flat (or two-dimensional) 3D charts such as heat maps. See Creating a Two-Dimensional Chart for more information.

    Customize the exact layout and values of the axis labels using the AnnoTemplate property. See Custom Axis Annotation Template for more information.