ComponentOne DataGrid for WPF and Silverlight
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    DataGrid for WPF and Silverlight Overview
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    Add advanced data visualization to your WPF and Silverlight applications with DataGrid for WPF and Silverlight. The robust data-bound C1DataGrid control makes it easy to display, edit, and analyze tabular data in WPF and Silverlight applications.

    DataGrid for WPF and Silverlight includes several key features, such as:

    Enhance the end-user experience by creating a fully interactive grid. C1DataGrid has many built-in interactive features such as column resizing and reordering, editing, sorting, filtering, grouping, freezing, and selecting. See Run-time Interaction for more information.

    C1DataGrid supports Outlook-style grouping. Simply drag a column header to the area above the grid to group the data. Expandable and collapsible nodes are automatically generated. You can also show calculated aggregate functions or totals in grouped header rows. See Grouping Columns for details.    

    By default, C1DataGrid supports Excel-like filtering. This type of filtering features a drop-down menu on each column allowing users to create a filter condition. See Filtering Columns for more information.

    C1DataGrid utilizes both row and column recycling (UI Virtualization) to achieve optimal performance when handling large data sets.

    C1DataGrid provides many built-in column editors that cover all of the common data types. The built-in editors include text, check box, DateTime picker, combo box and images. You can also choose from a selection of custom column editors including masked text, hyperlink, multi-line text and a color picker. See Column Types for details.

    DataGrid also supports a RowDetails template for embedding UIElements inside a collapsible section of each row. For example, just embed another DataGrid and you can create a master-detail grid for displaying hierarchical data. For more information, see Adding Row Details.

    With C1DataGrid's Top and Bottom row templates you can easily create and add custom rows to the grid. For example, you can design your own filter or total rows and embed any UIElements inside.

    Give end-users all of the following cell selection options: single cell, single row, single column, single range, multi-row, multi-column, and multi-range. With C1DataGrid's clipboard support, end-users can then easily paste selected cells into any text editor, such as Microsoft Excel.

    Allow users to add new rows to C1DataGrid by displaying an empty new row at either the top or bottom of the grid. See Adding Rows to the Grid and Setting New Row Visibility for details.

    Design your own data template for each DataGrid row and create composite columns which can combine data from multiple data fields.

    C1DataGrid supports ComponentOne's new ClearStyle™ technology that allows you to easily change control colors without having to change control templates. With just setting a few color properties you can quickly style the entire grid. For details, see C1DataGrid ClearStyle.