DataSource for Entity Framework in WPF
C1.WPF.Data.Entities Namespace / C1DataSource Class / SavingChanges Event

In This Topic
    SavingChanges Event
    In This Topic
    Occurs before changes are saved.
    Public Event SavingChanges As EventHandler(Of CancelEventArgs)
    public event EventHandler<CancelEventArgs> SavingChanges
    Event Data

    The event handler receives an argument of type CancelEventArgs containing data related to this event. The following CancelEventArgs properties provide information specific to this event.

    This event is raised from the SaveChanges method and allows a handler to cancel the operation before it begins. When a handler sets System.ComponentModel.CancelEventArgs.Cancel to True, the operation will be aborted and a subsequent SavedChanges event will not be raised.
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