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    LiveLinq Overview
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    LiveLinq is a class library that augments the functionality of LINQ in two related directions:

    LiveLinq uses indexing and other optimizations to speed up LINQ queries in memory. Speed gains can be hundreds and even thousands of times on queries with high selectivity conditions. Typical/average gains are lower but still significant; a 10-50 times speedup can be considered typical.

    A live view is a LINQ query result that is kept constantly up-to-date without re-populating it every time its base data changes. This makes LiveLinq extremely useful in common data-binding scenarios where objects are edited and may be filtered in or out of views, have their associated subtotals updated, and so on. In old jargon, one could say that LINQ queries correspond to snapshots, while LiveLinq views correspond to dynasets. Since live views automatically react to changes, they greatly widen the sphere of declarative programming, not only in data binding and GUI but in many other programming scenarios as well.