DataSource for Entity Framework in WPF
WPF Quick Start / Step 2 of 4: Connecting to the DataSource
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    Step 2 of 4: Connecting to the DataSource
    In This Topic
    1. In this step, you'll add a C1DataSource component to the window (or page) and connect it to the Categories table of the data source.Double click the MainWindow.xaml in your Solution Explorer to open the page.
    2. Drag a C1DataSource component from the Toolbox onto the window and name it c1DataSource1. This is a non-visual component, so it can be placed anywhere within the window's inner content. Note that if it does not appear in the toolbox, you can  right-click the toolbox and choose Add Items. In the Choose Toolbox Items select WPF Components and click Browse to browse to the C1.WPF.Data.Entity.4.dll and then add it.
    3. In the Properties window, set the C1DataSource's ObjectContextType property to the available item in the drop-down list. It should be something similar to AppName.NORTHWINDEntities.
    4. Click the ellipsis button next to the ViewSources property to open the ViewSources Collection Editor.
    5. Click Add and set the EntitySetName property to Categories.



    1. Click OK to close the editor.

    With the database connected to C1DataSource, all you need to do is add a grid to display the data.