ComponentOne DockControl for WPF
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    C1.WPF.Docking Namespace (C1.WPF.Docking.4.5.2)
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    ClassC1DockControl is a control that allows you to dock, float, or tab windows.
    ClassInternal class. Use as C1DockControl's DockedHost template part only.
    ClassUse as a C1DockControl item to enclose C1DockTabControls in a sub-rectangle of the available space.
    ClassAn overlay that appears over C1DockTabControl instances when the user is dragging a C1DockTabControl or C1DockTabItem. Override the style with the C1DockControl.OuterPickerStyle and C1DockControl.InnerPickerStyle properties.
    ClassThe areas to drop a grabbed C1DockTabControl or C1DockTabItem.
    ClassRepresents a passive overlay signaling the relative projected destination of the grabbed C1DockTabControl or C1DockTabItem that appears when the mouse hovers over a C1DockPickerPart.
    ClassSaves and restores the state of a C1DockControl to and from XML.
    ClassInternal class. Use as C1DockControl's SlidingHost template part only.
    ClassInternal class. Override the style with the C1DockControl.SplitterStyle property.
    ClassRepresents a dockable, slideable, and floatable item in a C1DockControl.
    ClassRepresents a selectable item in a C1DockTabControl.
    ClassInternal class. Override the style with the C1DockControl.WindowStyle property.
    ClassConverter from/to DisableFunctionBehavior with boolean and Boolean.
    ClassConverter from/to Visibility and Boolean.
    ClassEvent class for the C1DockControl.DockModeChanged event.
    ClassEvent class for the C1DockControl.PickerLoading event.
    ClassTo show the line preview when C1DockSplitter drag event
    ClassEvent class for the SlidingOpening, SlidingOpened, SlidingClosing, and SlidingClosed events.
    StructureThe object and xml node serialization/de-serialization images.
    EnumerationDefines the way we show the control buttons (Float, Slide, Hidden, Dock) when we disable the functions.
    EnumerationPossible states of visualization for a C1DockTabControl.
    EnumerationThe possible positions to drop a docking element relative to another.
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