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    Book Features
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    Book for WPF and Silverlight allows you to create customized, rich applications. Make the most of C1Book by taking advantage of the following key features:

    C1Book enables you to present information innovatively using a familiar mental model – that of a book. But Book for WPF and Silverlight is not a typical static book, it's dynamic and interactive, and it takes the familiar metaphor further using WPF.

    C1Book enables you to customize the look and feel of the book pages; for example, show page folds and display inner and outer shadows. It not only looks like a book, but can be interacted with like a book.

    C1Book is an ItemsControl, so you can bind it to any data source. Each item in the data source can be a UIElement or a generic object that gets converted into a UIElement using templates.

    C1Book supports different templates for odd and even pages, and it is possible to define custom pages like the cover.

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