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    C1Accordion Overview
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    The C1Accordion control is a container that that can hold a series of expandable and collapsible panes for storing text, images, and controls. The C1Accordion control is an ItemsControl, which means that the control is designed to host a series of objects. The C1AccordionItem class represents the items, or accordion panes, that can be hosted by the C1Accordion control.

    When you add the C1Accordion control to a project, it exists as nothing more than a container. But once the control is added to your project, you can easily add multiple accordion panes to it in Design view, in XAML, or in code. The following image depicts a C1Accordion control with three accordion pane items, the first of which is expanded.



    The image above shows the accordion panes sans header text or content, but customizing the header and adding content to the pane is as simple as setting a few properties. You can also modify behaviors, such as the expandability and the direction, of the control.

    The following topics provide an overview of the C1Accordion control's elements and features.