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ColorPicker / Quick Start: ColorPicker for Silverlight
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    Quick Start: ColorPicker for Silverlight
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    The following quick start guide is intended to get you up and running with ColorPicker for Silverlight. In this quick start you'll start in Expression Blend and create a new project, add a C1ColorPicker control to your application, customize the appearance and behavior of the control, and observe some of the run-time interactions possible with the control.

    This example uses Microsoft Expression Blend 3 to create and customize a Silverlight application, but you can also complete the following steps in Visual Studio 2008. You will create a simple project using two C1ColorPicker controls and a standard Rectangle control. The C1ColorPicker controls will control a gradient that is applied to the Rectangle, so that choosing colors at run time will change the colors of the gradient – letting you explore the possibilities of using ColorPicker for Silverlight.


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