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    ComponentOne ClearStyle Technology
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    ComponentOne ClearStyle technology is a new, quick and easy approach to providing Silverlight and WPF control styling. ClearStyle allows you to create a custom style for a control without having to deal with the hassle of XAML templates and style resources.

    Currently, to add a theme to all standard WPF controls, you must create a style resource template. In Microsoft Visual Studio this process can be difficult; this is why Microsoft introduced Expression Blend to make the task a bit easier. Having to jump between two environments can be a bit challenging to developers who are not familiar with Blend or do not have the time to learn it. You could hire a designer, but that can complicate things when your designer and your developers are sharing XAML files.

    That's where ClearStyle comes in. With ClearStyle the styling capabilities are brought to you in Visual Studio in the most intuitive manner possible. In most situations you just want to make simple styling changes to the controls in your application so this process should be simple. For example, if you just want to change the row color of your data grid this should be as simple as setting one property. You shouldn't have to create a full and complicated-looking template just to simply change a few colors.