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    Expander Features
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    Expander for Silverlight allows you to create customized, rich applications. Make the most of Expander for Silverlight by taking advantage of the following key features:

    You can choose whether or not the C1Expander control is expanded upon page load by using the C1Expander.IsExpanded property. By default, the IsExpanded property is set to True and the control is initially appears expanded. For more information, see the Expandability|document=Documents\SilverlightExpander.doc;topic=Expandability topic.

    The C1Expander control has the ability to expand in four different directions. The C1Expander.ExpandDirection property indicated in which direction the control expands and can be set to Top, Right, Bottom, or Left. For more information, see the ExpandDirection|document=Documents\SilverlightAccordion.doc;topic=Expand Direction topic.

    The C1Expander control's header can be customized with both text and controls. For more information on the customizable header element, see Expander Header|document=Documents\SilverlightExpander.doc;topic=Expander Header

    Expander is designed to maximize space. Configure the size and position of C1Expander to hide items until needed.

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