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In This Topic
    Modifying the Reflection
    In This Topic

    In this topic, you’ll use Expression Blend to modify the reflections of a C1CoverFlow control’s items.

    Complete the following steps:

    1. Right-click the C1CoverFlow control and select Edit Additional Templates | Edit Generated Item Container (ItemContainerStyle) | Edit a Copy.

    The Create Style Resource dialog box opens.

    1. In the Name(Key) field, enter “ModifyReflection”.
    2. Click OK to create the template and close the Create Style Resource dialog box. Observe that the Objects and Timeline panel shows a Template with a Reflector control as its child item.
    3. In the Objects and Timeline panel, select Reflector to reveal its list of properties in the Properties panel and then complete the following:

    a.        Expand the Miscellaneous node.

    b.       Click the ReflectionEffects(Collection) ellipsis button.

    The Effect Collection Editor: ReflectionEffects dialog box opens.

    c.        Set the ReflectionOpacityEffect’s properties as you wish. For this example, set them as follows:

    ·         Set the Coefficient property to “5”.

    ·         Set the Offset property to “0”.

     This Topic Illustrates the Following:

    The following image shows the modified reflections of a C1CoverFlow control’s items: