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    Reflector Features
    In This Topic

    Reflector for Silverlight allows you to create customized, rich applications. Make the most of Reflector for Silverlight by taking advantage of the following key features:

    Reflector for Silverlight supports Silverlight 3 plane projections. To generate a reflection, add an effect to the ReflectionEffects collection. C1Reflector ships with an opacity effect, but you can also use the standard Silverlight effects such as blur and drop-shadow to apply to the reflection.

    Reflector for Silverlight supports any UIElement as content. To add multiple UIElements you would add one outer container element such as a grid and fill it with many sub elements.

    Apply and configure opacity and blur effects. With opacity, for instance, you can configure how fast the opacity grows across the content and its starting value.

    The reflection is automatically updated when the content changes.