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In This Topic
    Resizing the Scrollbar
    In This Topic

    In this topic, you will use Expression Blend to resize the C1CoverFlow control’s scrollbar. 

    1. Right-click the C1CoverFlow control and select Edit Template | Edit a Copy. The Create Style Resource dialog box opens.
    2. In the Name (Key) field, enter “ResizeScrollbar”.
    3. Press OK to create the template and close the Create Style Resource dialog box.
    4. In the Objects and Timeline panel, expand the [Grid] node.
    5. Select Scroll to reveal its list of properties in the Properties panel and then set the following properties:
      • Set the Width property to “150”.
      • Set the Height property to “35”.

     This Topic Illustrates the Following:

    The following image depicts a C1CoverFlow control with a scrollbar that has a width of 150 pixels and a height of 35 pixels.