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    Showing HTML Content
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    The C1HtmlHost control behaves like an HTML iFrame tag, and allows you to show HTML content within your Silverlight pages. This is a reversal of the typical scenario where Silverlight plug-ins are islands in the HTML that makes up the page. The C1HtmlHost control allows you to create HTML islands in your Silverlight pages.

    This concept is useful because in many cases your Silverlight applications may want to display existing HTML content within the Silverlight plug-in itself (as opposed to controlling elements in the host page's DOM, which Silverlight also allows).

    HtmlHost for Silverlight works using an iFrame. The C1HtmlHost control adds an iFrame through JavaScript and locates it over the Silverlight plugin in the exact location where the C1HtmlHost control is located. Then it listens to changes in the layout and updates the iFrame continually.

    Note that some pages that you may want to display may not be viewable in the C1HtmlHost control. For example, the page you wish to be display may be customized so that is not displayable with in an iFrame object. At its essence the C1HtmlHost control is uses an iFrame object located on top of the Silverlight plugin, so this behavior is expected.