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    Step 3 of 3: Running the Application
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    Now that you've created a Silverlight application and, set up the application, and added code to add functionality to the application, the only thing left to do is run your application. To observe your application's run-time interactions, complete the following steps:


    1. Choose Debug | Start Debugging from the menu to run your application. The application will appear similar to the following image:


     The application appears with the ComponentOne Web site loaded in the C1HtmlHost control.

    1. Enter http://www.google.com in the text box and click the Set Source URI button. The C1HtmlHost control will display's Google's Web site.
    2. Enter "Silverlight" in the text box and click the Google Search button:



    A page will appear displaying search results.

    1. Click a search result link. Notice that the control displays the page you choose:



    Continue to click links and surf the Internet through the C1HtmlControl – notice that the page it displays functions as a page in a Web browser would.

     What You've Accomplished

    Congratulations, you've completed the HtmlHost for Silverlight quick start! You've created a simple application that uses HtmlHost for Silverlight to display a selected Web site.

    To learn more about the features and functionality of HtmlHost for Silverlight, see the Working with HtmlHost for Silverlight topic. For examples of specific customizations, see the HtmlHost for Silverlight Task-Based Help topic.