ComponentOne FinancialChart for WPF
C1.WPF.Chart.Finance Namespace / MovingAverage Class

In This Topic
    MovingAverage Class
    In This Topic
    Represents a moving average trendline for FinancialChart.
    Object Model
    MovingAverage ClassC1FlexChart ClassChartStyle ClassAxis ClassAxis ClassDataLabel ClassChartStyle ClassChartStyle Class
    <NameScopePropertyAttribute("NameScope", System.Windows.NameScope)>
    Public Class MovingAverage 
       Inherits FinancialSeries
    Dim instance As MovingAverage
    [NameScopeProperty("NameScope", System.Windows.NameScope)]
    public class MovingAverage : FinancialSeries 
    [NameScopeProperty("NameScope", System.Windows.NameScope)]
    public ref class MovingAverage : public FinancialSeries 
    It is a calculation to analyze data points by creating a series of averages of different subsets of the full data set. You may define a different type on each MovingAverage object by setting the type property on the MovingAverage itself. The MovingAverage class has a period property that allows you to set the number of periods for computing the average value.
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