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In This Topic
    IRenderEngine Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by IRenderEngine.

    Public Methods
     MethodDraw ellipse with currect stroke and fill.  
     MethodDraw image using special source.  
     MethodDraw line between two points using current stroke attributes.  
     MethodDraw lines using specified coordinates.  
     MethodDraw polygon with currect stroke and fill.  
     MethodDraw rectangle with currect stroke and fill.  
     MethodOverloaded. Draw string at specified position.  
     MethodDraw rotated string at specified position.  
     MethodOverloaded. Measures size of string.  
     MethodSets clip rectangle.  
     MethodSets the fill brush.  
     MethodSets the font.  
     MethodChanges the brush opacity.  
     MethodSets the current stroke brush.  
     MethodSets the stroke pattern.  
     MethodSets the stroke thickness.  
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