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C1.WPF.FlexChart.4.5.2 Assembly / C1.Chart Namespace / DateTimeGroupProvider Class / GroupFormats Property

In This Topic
    GroupFormats Property (DateTimeGroupProvider)
    In This Topic
    Get a dictionary of formats keyed by the TimeUnits enum of each group. Each value specifies the string.Format() of the numeric value followed by the year, with the exception of TimeUnits.Month for which the format specifies either all "M" characters (for the month name) or the numeric value of the month and year. Note if {1} is not included in the format, the year is not included. Default formats are Day="{0}", Week="Week {0}, Month="MMM", Quarter="Q{0}", "Year="{0}".
    Public ReadOnly Property GroupFormats As Dictionary(Of TimeUnits,String)
    public Dictionary<TimeUnits,string> GroupFormats {get;}
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